How To Grow Your Mission Into A Massive Empire

Well guys, this was another scary one, not gonna lie! We were short on time and I was nervous but I still managed to get some new stories and fresh answers from the popular national radio host, TV personality, bestselling author and money-management expert Dave Ramsey. We met at the HQ of Ramsey Solutions to discuss his popular story: a young bankrupt couple rebuilds their life and start a business that grows a media empire with over 500 employees. If you are interested in taking your mission and calling and creating a thriving business around it, you will love this one! 

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Dave got into financial coaching just four years after declaring bankruptcy (2:38)
  • Tips for overcoming the struggles of building a team (8:13)
  • Common mistakes people make when they’re launching a product or business (15:35)
  • Why it’s not necessarily a good thing to invest everything back in your business (20:02)
  • Advice for being in business with family (24:50)
  • How to bounce back from a big, fat failure (27:38)


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