How to Change the World by Sharing Your Story

I am a huge fan of Glennon’s so this was another surreal moment for me. She was just as open and fun and honest as you’d expect, and I enjoyed asking her about her journey as a writer. There were so many great nuggets in this one for anyone who is creating work they care about and releasing it into the world. Listen to learn how to share your story, how to self edit, how to engage your community of readers, and yes of course I asked about Oprah’s book list too!

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The point Glennon decided to reveal her real self (4:07)
  • Why Glennon doesn’t quit (7:12)
  • Why Glennon reads every comment and email to this day (18:18)
  • How Glennon caught the attention of Oprah (23:10)
  • About the “river of service” concept (24:56)
  • How you can get started on the journey to having purpose and peace in life (27:28)
  • Glennon’s daily habits that set her up for success (30:45)

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