How to Make It In the Competitive Industry of Show Business

I was really nervous about this one. Kathy Griffin is a comedy legend, but she’s not necessarily known for being nice. Which is a shame, because it turns out with me, in person, she was really nice! She was so warm and fun and open and honest and she even prepared notes about her comedy empire and different aspects of her business for our interview. Isn’t that crazy? She prepared notes for me?!  I was floored. Griffin came from behind and made it big in not only a fiercely competitve industry but a male-dominated one at that. If you’re an entertainer or writer or trying to build your personal brand, you’ll really enjoy her lessons for us!

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • When Kathy felt ready to start her entertainment career (7:01)
  • How Kathy started to build her personal brand (8:45)
  • About Kathy’s writing process (14:57)
  • How Kathy chose the people to have join her team (28:13)
  • Kathy’s number one piece of advice for aspiring entertainers (35:20)

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