How to Grow A Successful Online Business Crazy Fast

Kimra Luna is a teacher. She is also a mom, a wife, a vegan, a new New Yorker, and a passionate leader of a her community of “Freedom Hackers.” Even though she has done some amazing marketing and community building, you can see how she is a teacher first in this interview, as she breaks her success – zero to almost 1 million in sales in her first year – down step by step in detail. If you want to grow an online business or grow a large online community, you’ll love this chat from her chic Manhattan apartment.

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Kimra was able to use Facebook groups to create a following (5:42)
  • The two things that happened after Kimra’s forst Pinterest training class (8:55)
  • At what point Kimra and her husband decided he should quit his job (13:40)
  • How to cultivate a highly-devoted fan base (16:01)
  • How to have success with webinars in a saturated market (22:45)
  • One piece of advice for creating an online business (23:44)

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Kimra Luna

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