How to Become an Icon in Your Industry

I was terrified. To sit an interview THE interviewer of our time, probably of all time, in his trophy room in his beverly hill mansion. I mean c’mon! But, I pulled myself together for what turned out to be, of course, a once in a lifetime type of interview. If you want to learn about communications, broadcasting, entertainment, writing, and becoming the standard for your entire industry, you will love this one!

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Larry was able to spend 60 years in broadcasting without it feeling like work (3:55)
  • How Larry prepares for his interviews (11:45)
  • What Larry’s average day is like (20:23)
  • The best part of Larry’s broadcasting career journey (28:17)
  • Larry’s advice to people pursuing a communications career (31:12)
  • What it takes to become an icon in any industry (33:52)

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Larry King

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