How to Conquer the World of Online Business

Natalie MacNeil may or may not be a robot. I say that with respect and admiration, because the woman can execute. Her tactics and her work ethic are downright inspiring. If you’re wanting to turn a blog – or podcast or webseries – into a full-fledged online empire, this episode is for you!

MacNeil is the media entrepreneur behind, one of the “Top 10 Websites for Entrepreneurial Women,” according to Forbes. She is also an Emmy Award-winning producer and the bestselling author of She Takes on the World and The Conquer Kit, and Conquer Your Year. After building multiple businesses, and the She Takes on the World Brand, Natalie is now focused on transforming businesses around the world through The Conquer Club, a 12-month implementation incubator program for entrepreneurs. She has appeared in outlets like Inc., Forbes, ForbesWoman, Wall Street Journal, CNN, Mashable, and more.

I sat down with her recently in Los Angeles to ask how we can take on the world and conquer it.

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Natalie was able to grow momentum for her blog while running a separate full-time business (7:50)
  • How long it took Natalie to turn her part-time blog into a full-time business (9:20)
  • What Natalie did to get noticed by Forbes (12:06)
  • How to land a book deal (13:40)
  • The five milestones of writing a book (28:29)
  • Why you should be detailed in your planning (33:42)
  • Why it’s important to have mentors (41:42)

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Natalie MacNeil

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